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PDF Pocket Scanner (AdFree)

1.99 usd

Turn your device into powerful PDF creator tool with OCR!This app creates multipage PDF files from images in your device or scanned by your camera. Use OCR (optical character recognition) on added pictures and you’ll get fully editable textEasiest way to digitize your invoices, receipts, notes or anything else you need in PDF.There are no hidden restrictions - you can create unlimited number of PDF files with as many pages as you like. All of this is absolutely free.Created PDF files can be send in email, put to cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or shared in any other way you like.
You can choose from several ISO page size for your document (e.g. A4, B5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid and more).
By adding or scanning an image you create concept for PDF. You can generate PDF from concept in any time. This app also provides possibility to save an incomplete concept and finish it later (you need to keep used images to open saved concept without any errors). If you want to edit PDF that you've generated, you can still open its concept and change any page you want.
With this app you can easily recognize text from your pictures (OCR), and that allows you to edit individual text lines on pages. Unlike other apps with OCR, this PDF Scanner recognizes text and positions it on the correct place. In addition, this app provides Text Editor which you can use to:* Rewrite text from recognition. When editing, you’ll be able to see part of the picture, where the line was.* Change size of text. You can alter size of all text on page in no time.* Position of the line on a page, if you don’t like where it is after OCR.* Delete any text line on a page. You can choose from 18 different languages for OCR. If you pick the correct language, there is a much better chance for successful recognition of text.

PDF Scanner includes image editor which allows you tu change appearance of picture on page. - You can easily change image position, size (with or without aspect ratio) or rotated it for perfect alignment.- Also provides application of color filters: Black&White, Grayscale and Brightness.- There is of course undo function, so you can go several steps back without any hassles.
You don't have any PDF viewer app? No problem! PDF Scanner also includes viewer for generated and other PDF files on your device.
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